Mommy Makeover Fitness

Mommy Makeover Fitness in Austin, Texas, is a new, innovative way for mothers to reach their fitness goals in an intimate group setting. They chose to customize an existing HealthClubSites design with their logo and color branding.

Market Size: 50,000 facilities (U.S. & Canada)
Target Market: Health clubs, fitness centers, iron gyms, racquet clubs, Pilates studios, personal trainers, swim clubs, gymnastics schools, yoga studios, and dance schools
Market Applications: Industry specific functionality includes Lead Collection and Management, "Free Trial" Coupon Builder, and Calendar Builder with Weekly Class Schedule. More than 70 custom, industry-themed designs with customized content and images are available.

Health club owners usually delegate responsibilities to their staff members. The creation and maintenance of the club's website is usually not within the skill set of a health club's staff, so an outside company is usually hired at great expense. was launched in 2003 to give health and fitness facilities the ability to not only launch their own websites, but also to take control of website content and make website management an uncomplicated and inexpensive proposition. New sales leads can be easily collected, allowing sales reps to increase membership. Existing members can get information about classes, programs, and new equipment online, reducing the amount of time the health club staff must spend on the phone.