WebsiteMasters is a revolutionary Website Management company that specializes in providing turn-key website solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs in specific vertical industries. By employing industry research experts and a high quality, automated website development platform, WebsiteMasters offers a complete solution for the business owner and manager.

The website solution includes website design, hosting and content provided in a complete package that is easy to set up and meets the specific needs of the business owner and manager. WebsiteMasters brands and markets each of its solutions to specifically defined vertical markets, focusing on its knowledge of the industry and ability to provide customized content and web-based tools to customers in that vertical market.

In addition to comprehensive website management, WebsiteMasters also offers the following ancillary services:

  • Logo design/branding, identity services
  • Search engine submissions and optimization
  • E-mail account management
  • Domain name registration
  • Custom website design
  • Custom functionality programming
  • Marketing consultation and strategy

Glenn Steers Director of Internet Services Glenn Steers began his design career in 1984 as an interior landscape designer in Washington, D.C. In that capacity, Glenn contributed to several award winning projects. Glenn went on to develop a successful marketing career in 1994 with his company Fantastic Marketing, opening 3 regional D.C. sales offices. Glenn now manages WebsiteMasters product development and is also a conference speaker and product evangelist.

Christine Lindenmuth Vice President, Vertical Market Research Christine Lindenmuth got her start in print media more than 25 years ago. Her broad experience ranges from ad design and copy editing to website design and marketing. Currently, Christine researches and writes content for vertical website projects. Christine also supervises development of niche market web-based tools.

Reinhold Gerharz Network Administrator / Technical Lead Reinhold Gerharz is proficient in C, C++, Objective-C, Object Pascal (Delphi), PROLOG, Visual Basic, SQL, Perl, HTML, Cold Fusion, Java, and J2EE. Reinhold holds multiple professional technical certifications relating to software development, process reengineering and statistical analysis. Reinhold manages all servers, databases, and company infrastructure.