Having been involved in the Internet since its infancy in the mid-90s, the team at WebsiteMasters is keenly aware of the barriers that customers experience in their quest to get websites launched on the Web. During the six years prior to the launch of MartialArtsSites, our first niched website solution, we identified five major roadblocks that most business owners encounter in the website development process:

The Problem With Websites

  • Websites are difficult. Everything about websites is hard. It's not easy to get one started. It's not easy to upload files. It's not easy to maintain a website once it has been launched.
  • Websites are slow. Usually, the website process is a long, protracted process that can take weeks, months or even years!
  • Websites are expensive. At least the good ones are, and what's the purpose of having a website unless it's good?
  • Websites are ugly. Let's face it - the average business owner is not a web designer. Remember, first impressions are everything!
  • Websites need content. This final "roadblock" is the single biggest problem facing the business owner wanting to launch a website. NO CONTENT! Not only can business owners be confused about what to say, they need direction on how to say it.

How WebsiteMasters Addressed Each Problem

  • We make the process easy. Our mantra during all phases of product development was, "Make everything a customer has to do easier than ordering a book on Amazon.com." We've made both website creation and website maintenance simple and painless.
  • We make a website in 10 minutes. We don't just create an empty template shell in 10 minutes, we actually create a complete website with targeted content and images within an industry-specific design.
  • We give it away for free. The website, e-mail accounts, and administrative tools are free. Every customer also gets a free trial of our website management system. After 30 days, the customer can choose to continue and pay a modest monthly subscription fee.
  • We make it look great. We create a highly attractive and functional website design and include rights-managed images that the customer does not need to pay for because they're contained within our managed system.
  • We include content. This the best part for a business owner...we write their words! We do research on successful websites within a vertical market and emulate that content with blanks left open for our clients' data. Once customers have a starting point, they find it extremely easy to edit the content accordingly.

WebsiteMasters has changed the focus of website management away from file management in favor of data management. Our clients concentrate on updating text and photos, and the WebsiteMasters system provides the artistic framework and a guided structure.